Friday, January 8, 2010

who is haven?

since havey is our second, she's often overshadowed by her big brother. he does things first and he steals the attention from haven most of the rest of the time. so i thought i'd sit down and really pound out some of the things we love about haven.

haven xmas09

so who is our havey girl? what is she all about?

she is sweet and stubborn and silly.

she has 12 teeth (we think-she won't let us look, but i managed to sneak a peak when she was screaming after a full frontal collision with nashy boy on the hardwood floor) with a gap between her two front teeth-just like i did and my mom did when we were youngins. she reminds me of my mom as a kid, but then i also get glimpses of my dad (especially when she smiles a certain way), and emilie (because they both have twinkly-eyed smiles).

she has advanced to lip kisses, no more forehead kisses. each time she does she makes a little mmmmm noise. it's the cutest. but she does not give these kisses out like pretzels, it requires a lot of begging and pleading! most often the asker is refused with a head shake and a firm "no!"

if you ask her where anything is or ask her to say a word that is also one of her favorite objects (like binki, or kitty kitty), she says "whereditgo?" and begins to look for it under the couch or tables.

she says a few real words: snow, hello, shoes, so cool, so cute, star, nash, mama, dada, what's this?, i want that, whereditgo?, more, thank you, up, uh-huh, no (she sais this one A LOT), go, i want down, i'm all done. then she says a million other words all day long that i have yet to decipher-she has her own funny little language.

she loves the tub-when steve asks "who wants to take a tubbers?" haven goes crazy. it's like asking a dog if it wants to go outside. panic, run in circles, panic! even i want to take a tubbers when she gets that excited about it! she also drinks the water, and if there's not a cup or vessel of some sort she will just stick her face down in the water with her chubby behind sticking up.

she loves her kitty kitty and her blankie. she loves necklaces and things that go on her head (headbands, hats, etc.), but she won't keep a headband or hat on if it's part of her outfit-only if we're home playing around.

she loves to wear shoes and boots. anyone's shoes. she'll walk around in indie's or libby's boots all day if she can get away with it. she even wears her little ugg boots with her jammies and would probably sleep in them if i let her. when it's time to go she grabs her shoes and her coat and gets so excited to "go".

she loves to clean. when she spills her milk or juice she runs to the kitchen to grab a towel and tries to clean it up herself. she takes her trash to the garbage and, just like nash, gets really excited when she sees i'm going to clean the floors. the two of them with their little wet rags following me around generally creates more of a mess, but it's pretty darn cute. both are terrified of the vacuum, though.

she grunts when she's climbing on the couch, reaching for things, or trying to open things. she even grunts vicariously for me when i'm trying to open something!

she loves tv. she's a complete vegetable when the tv comes on-just like her dad. when sesame street starts she screams and runs to the couch. a few weeks ago i put a movie in and when she heard that little music blurb for the production company or whatever it was, she got really excited, pointed, and said "so cool!"

she loves her naps and bedtime. when it's time for a nap she sort of folds herself over a chair or the ottoman or a bed with her blanket and waits for me to notice and take her down to bed. as soon as i pick her and the blanket up she collapses on my shoulder. oh, i love it. she does the same thing in the morning after we get her out of the crib.

most of the time she sleeps on her tummy in a big lump. she uses her blankie as a pillow.

her hair...oh, what can we say about her hair? it's getting pretty red. it's stick straight. and it''s...okay, she has a mullet! there's no way around this and i refuse to cut the back because i'm convinced the top/sides will catch up soon. so, we resort to pig tails when leaving the house.

she's starting to grab my hand to direct me where she wants me to go and will sometimes even hold it just for fun. she has cold little hands with long fingers (and usually long nails, bad mom).

she has long legs. all of her pants are about two inches too short-so she wears boots to cover up the gap. we call her little miss long legs. and chubby buns.

she likes to do the motions for "once there was a snowman" with nash while he sings. she tries to sing along sometimes. she's starting to sing a lot, she walks around the house making up her own little tunes with her own little language's words. she seems to be taking after her aunty em and cousin libby-living in her own little happy world!

she knows how to turn on the stereo in nash's room and loves to dance. she does the funniest little move where she high-steps with one leg and jumps with the other. she also does a pretty cute squat and sway. once she even shoved her bum into dad's face which was mostly funny but a little scary. she also loves to jump on the bed but we're trying to keep that at a minimum since it's "danger."

she crosses her legs when she's sitting on the couch. and sometimes in the tub. she also has a little thing she does with her arms when she's waiting patiently for me to get her something in the kitchen. she holds one arm at the wrist with the opposite hand and just watches. it's about the cutest thing ever-especially in comparison to before, prior to this patient phase, when she would scream at me until the sippy/snack/binki was in her hand. she's come a long way.

she throws her food every single time she eats. she opens her sandwiches and eats only the good stuff smeared inside. she eats the toppings and sauce off pizza and leaves all the bread. she eats play doh if she plays with it for more than 20 minutes-it's like she loses all restraint at that point.

and that, in a nutshell, is our havey baby chubby buns. around age 18-20 months.

and her stats to correspond (these are from her 18-month well check visit):

height: 34 in/98%tile
weight: 23.7 lbs/41%tile
head: 18.9 in/87%tile

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Alifinale said...

She is so cute. I am so excited for you to live closer so she and sage can be besties. Seriously, they seem like peas in a pod, mullet and all. Lets hold out together - the front has to grow at some point.