Friday, May 21, 2010

happy birthday, havey girl!


today haven is two! some of the things i love about her right now include:
  • the way she says "i wuff a you."
  • the way she puts her little finger to her mouth saying "shhhh"
  • the way she counts: "three, three, three"
  • the way she can yell louder than i can and does so every single time she's excited about anything
  • the way she sits on the "potty train" forEVER without doing anything yet refuses to leave the bathroom.
  • that she calls me mommy now (used to always be mama).
  • the way she adds "too" to the end of every request. like "i want drink too" or "i want kitty kitty too"
  • that she's becoming less of a destroyer and instead loves to "keen up." and she sings while she does it.
  • the way she runs to steve when he comes in the door yelling "DADA!" and gives him the biggest hug.
  • that she loves to get dressed, especially in a dress or skirt. and that she loves all her accessories (bracelets, hair clips/headbands, shoes).
  • the way she collapses onto me when i take her down to bed and when i get her up in the morning.
  • the ways she throws her body in my arms to get me to rock her back and forth.
  • the way she sticks her bottom lip out and tries not to cry when strangers look at her.
  • the way she laughs, with her gap-toothed grin.
  • that she tells me "go away, mama" after i've filled all her demands (which usually include ALL the following: blankie, binki, sippy, kitty kitty, book).
  • the way she jumps (she grunts).
  • the way she kicks a soccer ball...she's got skill.
  • that she always wants her hood up when she has a hooded sweatshirt/jacket on.
  • the way she says "cheese" when the camera is out yet refuses to actually look at it.
  • the way she says "i k" when she gets hurt and keeps on going.
  • that she loves babies and pets them and tries to feed them.
  • the way she says 'whereditgo?' with her hands out to each side.
  • the way she says 'nashy' and that she worships him. he's the first thing she talks about when she wakes up.
  • that she loves butterflies and birds and
  • the way she screams and jumps and points to the sky whenever she sees one.
  • that she refuses to eat a pb&j like a normal person and instead opens it up, licks out the good stuff and throws the bread away.
  • the way she sits in a slump, with her hands together, watching shows and that she loves "elmo abby" (sesame street) and "cifford dog" (clifford the big red dog).
  • the way she concentrates when coloring or building with blocks.
  • the way she says "kew" (cute) after she gets dressed or when looking at something she thinks is cute (usually jewelry or clothes).
  • that she laughs and says "i funny."
  • the way she waves and says "hi" and/or "bye" to animals and inanimate objects.
  • the way she sings "jingle bells" and "happy to you."
  • the way she says "nigh, night" to nash and begs for kisses even though he usually refuses.

we love our havey girl! 

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Emilie May said...

behind the scenes: she's looking at me in that last pic... i'm throwing that little red plastic thing in the air to entertain her. awesome.