Saturday, March 21, 2009

10 months

havey girl is 10 months! and pulling up on anything she can. we caught her doing the splits yesterday, and she almost took a dive off the curb and grandma's house today. she's starting to really move-which means she's also starting to get into trouble. she's finally converted to a full crawl, and she looks like a little robot moving her arms and legs in perfect sync. she'll give you a good scrunchy face on demand, and loves to talk and yell. she can even hold her own when nashy boy tries to pick on her (she throws a good punch). she'll eat anything she can get her hands on, including dirt, rocks, and a close call with some mouse poop (sick-good thing mom was paying attention!). she's a content, happy girl and as nash likes to say, "baby yuz you." (literal translation: "baby loves you". but it really means "i love baby.")

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